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Sberbank of Russia

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Agent Banks in Emerging Markets Survey 2016
Global Outperformer

Issued by

Global Custodian

Issued to

Sberbank of Russia

Earned on

Jan 1, 2017

Criteria to earn this badge

Global Custodian has been running its Agent Banks Survey for over 25 years. Global Outperformer is an award introduced in 2014, across the three Agent Banks surveys (Major, Emerging and Frontier markets). Banks that have achieved Global Outperformer status are those who have accumulated an overall weighted score superior to the weighted average of all scores awarded to all banks that have participated in the survey globally. This award is equivalent to the ‘Top Rated’ awards of previous years, as referenced by the red trophy symbol on the badge.


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  • Global Custodian
  • Agent Banks Emerging Markets
  • Global Outperformer
  • GlO
  • GC
  • ABEM
  • SI
  • Strategic Insight
  • Sberbank of Russia
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