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Certified Math Tutor–ACT

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This badge is awarded to individuals who have completed a training program and passed an assessment that demonstrates their ability and competence to tutor students for the Math portion of the ACT Test, including the knowledge and skills to provide test-taking strategies to students.

Criteria to earn this badge

The certification holder has:
--completed the tutor certification training program relevant to the ACT Math Test;
--demonstrated a sufficient level of proficiency on the ACT Math section so as to be able to provide effective tutoring related to the Math section of the ACT;
--earned a passing score on the math portion of the tutor certification examination, indicating knowledge of the correct methods/strategies/set of steps for deriving correct solutions to the range of math problems presented on the ACT Test;
--earned the Fundamentals Certification, and has demonstrated sufficient understanding of the fundamentals of the ACT Test (e.g., administration, logistics, test security procedures, customer care) of the ACT Test. This level of understanding enables the certification holder to effectively tutor others in preparation for the ACT Test.
Therefore, the certification holder is deemed to have sufficient knowledge and skills to be an effective tutor in for the math portion of the ACT Test.